Usen Ndia 2021 @ A Glance

Expected number of Guest: 3,000


Audience: Food lovers, highflyers, members of international community, business executives, social influencers, media practitioners and professionals in the food and beverage industries.


Venue: Kings and Queens field, SG Ewet Housing Estate .


Date: 27th November, 2021


USEN NDIA renders opportunities for brands to have direct face to face contact with an exclusive and responsive audience of the decision makers with buying power. The event affords you the chance to give consumers real time and firsthand experience of your products and services. We believe you should take the chance to reverberate your brand in the heart and soul of our audience by putting your products and services directly in their hands.
Why? This is because for 3 years now, we have built a network and gathered a number of loyal attendees and lovers of our festival.
This is one of the many reasons why you should sponsor/ partner.

Our Request:

As part of our preparation drive, we humbly request for your support to enable us achieve the Usen Ndia 2021 of our dreams. The following are the request packages and each comes with the benefits you'll enjoy for support .



  • Award to honor food vendors in the food industry
  • Gender Based Cooking Contest with different Personalities from the State
  • Eating Competition
  • Exhibition of Akwa-Ibom Ancient Indigenous delicacies 
  • Games, Cultural Displays.